EasyPanel is an online-based intelligent algorithm: there is no need to have a dongle or to install any software.
Our license grants yearly institution-wide access to the tool: All labs/researchers/scientists would be able to login using their email account.
License pricing depends on the number, size and complexity of your cytometers.
Our license pricing ensures that your flow core is able to provide value and demonstrate direct and immediate cost savings for all users and labs doing flow cytometry.

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Features Other Panel Designers EasyPanel
Loading Users’ Cytometer Configurations (including spectral cytometers)
Spectrum Viewer
Loading Commercial Products Database in the instrument’s corresponding filters/channels/lasers
Adding Viability Dyes and Fluorescent Proteins
Saving Panels to User’s Accounts (to reload them later)
Fully-Automated and Intelligent Panel Design: Optimized and Automated Matching of Antigens to Fluorochromes (with or without user intervention)
“Cost Minimizing Panel Design”: Querying from within your lab’s inventory to design optimized panels reducing costs by minimizing new products purchases
Panel Quality Assessment/Quantification (based on potential spillover, similarity, matching between fluorochromes and antigens, commercial availability of products…)
Intelligent and Automated Integration with *Relevant* Gating Strategy Suggestions and OMIPs
Exporting Panels as csv/excel integrating with Electronic Lab Notebooks (including commercial availability of products)

Licensed By 80+ Leading Large Pharma, Biotech and Academic Flow Core Facilities Worldwide

Featuring and Updating 600,000+ Commercial Products From Trusted Antibody Vendors