Panel Design, Reimagined!

The Essential Automation Package for All Flow Cytometrists!

Intelligent Algorithm Automatically Designing And Suggesting Concrete Optimized Panels For Traditional and Spectral Cytometers

EasyPanel is an intelligent and automated flow cytometry panel designer, currently licensed by 7 out of the top 10 largest pharma companies. Our proprietary algorithm takes into consideration your instrument configuration, antigens expression levels and coexpression profiles, commercial product availabilities as well as your spillover spread matrix to suggest optimized panels of up to 50 colors in seconds! Users can also manually edit the suggested panels, access commercial product reviews and get smart recommendations for gating strategies.

How does EasyPanel work?

Configuration of the flow cytometer used.

Desired panel size and list of antigens.

Antigens' potential expression levels.

Coexpression pattern of antigens.

Need to include additional dyes (viability; proliferation; cell cycle).

Need for cell fixation and permeabilization.

Leading Academic Institutions, Biotech and Large Pharma licensing EasyPanel
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Less than 90 Seconds Computation time For EasyPanel’s Algorithm to optimize/suggest panels
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Antibody and Fluorochrome Selections
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Fully Automated and Intelligent Panel Designer (Traditional and Spectral)

Get automated and optimized panel suggestions (in seconds) tailored to your instrument configuration, antigen expression levels, coexpression profiles and commercial product availabilities

Smart, Automated & Integrated Inventory/Stock Management System for Antibodies and flow cytometry products

Licensed By 80+ Leading Large Pharma, Biotech and Academic Flow Core Facilities Worldwide

Featuring and Updating 600,000+ Commercial Products From Trusted Antibody Vendors