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Luma is a breakthrough R&D data management platform that simplifies collecting and processing of instrument data, and helps non-technical users easily gain critical insights directly from data.

EasyPanel is an online-based intelligent algorithm

No need for dongles or software updates. Our license grants yearly institution-wide access to the tool.

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Features Other Panel Designers EasyPanel
Loading Users’ Cytometer Configurations (including spectral cytometers)
Spectrum Viewer
Loading Commercial Products Database in the instrument’s corresponding filters/channels/lasers
Adding Viability Dyes and Fluorescent Proteins
Saving Panels to User’s Accounts (to reload them later)
Fully-Automated and Intelligent Panel Design: Optimized and Automated Matching of Antigens to Fluorochromes (with or without user intervention)
Cost Minimizing Panel Design: Querying from within your lab’s inventory to design optimized panels reducing costs by minimizing new products purchases
Panel Quality Assessment/Quantification (based on potential spillover, similarity, matching between fluorochromes and antigens, commercial availability of products…)
Intelligent and Automated Integration with *Relevant* Gating Strategy Suggestions and OMIPs
Exporting Panels as csv/excel integrating with Electronic Lab Notebooks (including commercial availability of products)

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